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About Lalita Devi Temple

Lalita Devi is the presiding deity of Naimisharanya. The temple is an ancient shrine and as per the legends or various Puraanas when Devi Sati burnt herself in the Yogi Agni after Daksha Yajna, Shiva carried her body on his shoulder and started performing Shiv Tandav. Due to which the creation of universe was affected and so Lord Vishnu divided Devi Sati’s body into 108 parts. It is believed that the heart of Devi Sati is present in Naimisharanya and is one of the Shakti Peeth’s Known as Lalita Devi. As per another folklore it is also believed that by Lord Brahma’s order Lalita Devi appeared here for the destructions of Asurs in Devasur Sangram. The temple is a beautiful cantilevered, multi-limbed divinity over entrance flanked by elephant statues.